dull1 S3 [dʌl] adj comparative duller superlative dullest
7¦(not intelligent)¦
[: Old English; Origin: dol]
1.) ¦(BORING)¦
not interesting or exciting
Life is never dull when Elizabeth is here.
a dull movie
It sounded pretty dull to me.
The weekly meeting tends to be deadly dull (=very dull) .
Last week we had a hurricane. Never a dull moment running a hotel in the Caribbean (=it's always interesting or exciting) .
not bright or shiny
The bird is dull brown and gray in colour.
Her eyes were dull with dark shadows beneath them.
the dull afternoon light
3.) ¦(WEATHER)¦
not bright and with lots of clouds
Outside the weather was hazy and dull.
a dull sky
4.) ¦(PAIN)¦
a dull pain is not severe but does not stop
≠ ↑sharp
a dull ache in her lower back
The pain was dull but persistent.
5.) ¦(SOUND)¦
not clear or loud
The gates shut with a dull thud .
not sharp
= ↑blunt
old-fashioned not able to think quickly or understand things easily
= ↑stupid
If you don't understand then you're duller than I thought.
8.) ¦(TRADE)¦
if business on the Stock Exchange is dull, few people are buying and selling
>dully adv
'Well Michael?' he said dully.
Her stomach ached dully.
>dullness n [U]
dull 2
dull2 v
1.) [T]
to make something become less sharp or clear
He drank some alcohol to dull the pain .
Her fear and anxiety dulled her mind.
2.) [I and T]
to become less bright or loud, or to make something become less bright or loud
His eyes dulled a little.
The constant rain dulled all sound.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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